Egg crate pressure relief mattress for seniors

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Hand wash only

Avoid sunlight

Dehumidification required

Iron at low temperature

  • Name:Egg crate pressure relief mattress for seniors
  • Brand:TENDAYS Health Care
  • Series:High breathability pressure relief bedding
  • Suitable for:Bedridden patients
  • Product dimensions:188*90*5、10cm

Suitable for: bedridden patients/persons who may dirty their mattress easily

  1. The polyester fabric and the filling material of unique breathable & pressure relief foam realize features like low resilience, high support, lightweight, portable, washable, and sterilizable. This mattress can be rolled up for storage.
  2. The egg crate cutting of mattress can effectively increase breathability. It can perfectly fit the spine curvatures of seniors during sleep and make them more comfortable.

Products of this series adopt B.M.F which is washable (in warm water), sterilizable, quick-drying, pressure relief and high breathable. Can perfectly meet seniors’ needs of bed, pillow and healthcare goods.

  1. 1. Developed based on clinical experiments with nursing home/Simultaneous release in Taiwan & Japan
    Through joint discussion with caretakers and adjustment according to clinical experiments, we spent 1 year to develop this series to meet user demands. Participated in 2012 THIS (Tokyo Health Industry Show) and HCR (Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition) gained high recognition from consumers and buyers.
  2. 3 patented products (JPO):
    Multi-function rollable protection pad, protective equipment for hands and circular ankle pad
  3. 2 products are awarded as convenient products for seniors by IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    (Multi-function rollable protection pad and protective equipment for hands)
  4. Recommend products at Resource Portal of Assistive Technology, Ministry of the Interior



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