Pressure relief pillow

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Hand wash only

Avoid sunlight

Dehumidification required

    • Name:Pressure relief pillow
    • Brand:TENDAYS Health Care
    • Series:High breathability pressure relief bedding
    • Suitable for:Bedridden patients/persons whose mattress needs to be washed
    • Product dimensions:55(L) × 30/32(W) × 8/10cm

Features: Relieves muscle pressure and takes good care of spine. Disperses body pressure, leaves no stress and keeps smooth blood circulation. Ergonomic design; 2 size (H/L) options.

      • Filling material: Breathable memory foam (BMF)
      • Resilience test:
        Resilience= 51.9N for 25% compression
        Resilience= 96.7N for 65% compression
      • Test of permanent deformation rate during compression: maximum range within 6.23%
      • Aging test: maintains the same shape between -20°C~70°C
      • Fabric: The polyester fabric and the filling material of unique breathable & pressure relief foam realize features like low resilience and high support. This washable pillow is comfortable, fully breathable, pressure-relieving and easy to clean.
  • 55(L) × 30(W) × 8cm
  • 55(L) × 32(W) ×10cm



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