Washable high support mattress

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Hand wash only

Machine washable

  • Name:Washable high support mattress
  • Brand:TENDAYS Health Care
  • Series:High breathability pressure relief bedding
  • Suitable for:Bedridden patients
  • Product dimensions:188(L)X90(W)X7.5(H)cm
  • Easy to wash, quick-drying, breathable, sterilizable and difficult for bacteria multiplication.
  • Avoids skin disorders resulting from bedridden conditions, such as inflammation or bedsore.
  • Roll-up for quick storage.
  • The upper layer is made of the unique washable & breathable pressure relief foam and can effectively relieve the pressure of bedridden patients while maintaining full breathability. The highly breathable spandex at the bottom can replace general spring beds and provide comprehensive support for the whole body.
  • The washable design can effectively prevent bacteria multiplication and keep a comfortable and breathable sleep environment.
  • Suitable for: bedridden patients/persons who need to turn over regularly.



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