Business concepts

To meet user demands, Health Care staff discussed with caretakers about problems regarding use, collaborated with international and domestic medical professions and devoted to various preclinical experiments to provide healthier, more comfortable, and convenient home care assistive devices for patients and caretakers.

Brand features

We combined TENDAYS professional technology of temper foam (i.e. memory foam or low-Resilience foam) and developed B.M.F. featuring high breathability and drainage of liquid (moisture) as the filling material of caretaking goods to meet customer demands for comfortable, protective, washable and sterilizable products. Meanwhile, we also collaborated with Suang-Lien Elderly Center (the leading NPO in Taiwan) to examine products of this series. All products must be validated and proven effective before mass production. Our products passed the inspection of Center of Assistive Technology Resources and Popularization, Ministry of the Interior and are listed in Resource Portal of Assistive Technology to provide more information of quality goods for those who are in need.
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